Meet Catherine

IMG_8152-webIn 2013, after retiring from a 23 year career in financial services, I launched One Precious Pearl Floral Design, a project-based design studio in Bloomington, Minnesota. I began designing at age 15 as an extension of my love of gardening and continued to create wedding bouquets and arrangements whenever possible, even as I worked in finance and raised my family. Since retiring, I have accumulated over 500 hours of practical study in floral design, color theory and event styling, earning the designation of Certified Professional Floral Designer.

My designs are reflective of European high style, meaning they are not the ordinary or expected but still have a structure that makes sense. This allows me to completely individualize every design to each bride’s taste. I take great joy in listening to my clients’ thoughts and desires, and then turning those dreams into exquisite and beautiful displays of color, texture and fragrance. Honestly, I get so excited about bringing each wedding from dream to vision to reality, that I don’t sleep the week of the wedding. I can’t wait to get my thoughts from my mind to my fingers and finally into my clients’ hands! The greatest reward in this business is the look on the bride’s face when I hand her the bouquet designed just for her and her day.

My business name is based on the parable Jesus told his disciples in Matt. 13:45-46: Again, the Kingdom of God is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.

I believe my ability to and passion for designing are a gift from God, and it is true joy for me to share that with my couples to make their celebration beautiful and meaningful. I take my part in their day seriously, not only wanting the best creations for them, but also the absolute best for their marriage. While I am working on their flowers, I pray for them, the enjoyment of their wedding, their guests, and that their life together will be honoring to God and to each other.

I also believe marriage is a gift of great value. Michael and I were blessed to find each other in the middle of our lives. Blending our past lives into one new future has been done intentionally with love and respect for each other. As such, we have tried to not take even one day of our time together for granted, knowing the joy we find in each other comes as a gift from God.  I read once that marriage is the lifelong journey of learning to love like Christ. Amen to this!!


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